Job search can be a tedious work, especially when we think we have already invested a lot of time on it and are still unemployed. To an extent that at one point of time, our job search becomes stagnated and we no longer have enthusiasm to look for jobs.

We need to constantly motivate ourselves to keep us going with the job hunt process. Below are few tips to make the job search progress till we land a perfect job.

  1. Prioritize your job search
  2. Set targets
  3. Take initiations
  4. Create a to-do-list
  5. Set deadlines
  6. Practice interviewing
  7. Find a mentor
  8. Create a linked in profile
  9. Plan for Rejection
  10. Invest on networking

Prioritize your job search

Yes! Job search is a job itself. Most of us deceive ourselves by thinking that we are vigorously hunting for a job when we are actually not. Job search should be a routine. It has to be done every single day. By this, we do not need to spend whole day for job search. However, if we want to land a job as per our expectation, it does demand at least a few hours from our everyday schedule.

Set Targets

Setting target for ourselves makes the job search easier.

For example, targets such as, look for 25 jobs and apply for at least 3 jobs with cover letter and updated CV every day, maybe set.

Take Initiations

As a job seeker, it is important to take initiation to make an approachable inquiry to the employer when the vacancy is announced.

To make the job search further easier, nowadays, there are various job boards available facilitating us to find job as we register our profile into their account. However, creating a profile in job boards and sitting laid back at home hoping the HR consultancy to do all the job to find a job for us is the biggest lie we create in our mind.

Also, dropping your phone number and email addresses in the comment sections of job posts saying the employer “call me”, not in any way possible is going to help you land job but only show you as a stupid person. We wish finding job was that easy!

Create a to-do-list

When you have an objective of finding a job, you’ll require structure so as to be effective.

The thing that we must be careful about to do list is not to put down a large number of things to do. On the off chance that we record each and every thing we have to do, we’ll be stressed out and might end up doing nothing.

A superior alternative is to list down three to five things that truly need to be completed in a particular day so our plan for the day is more sensible.

Set deadlines

Deadlines are a significant way to make the job search progress. If taken seriously, deadlines make us complete our job search targets on time. Any of the jobs from the “to do lists” can be taken and deadlines can be set for each to complete them on time. For example, time limitation such as 15 minutes to 1 hour or within 2 days, etc. can be set depending upon the nature of the job.

Practice interviewing

Looking at the mirror and asking possible questions and practicing best answers can help a lot for job search. The idea may sound a little weird but it does work. It makes us aware of our nonverbal communication factors such as body language, expressions, eye contact, etc. and help us improve ourselves gradually.

Find a mentor

It is always a good idea to reach out to someone for career suggestion and ask for help when required. Such mentor can be previous work supervisor, colleagues, trusted friends or professionally involved family members.

Create a Linked in profile

Among different social medias, linked in is an online social network dedicated towards professional networking and communication. Creating a strong linked in profile and connecting with various professionals can be a helpful approach towards job search.


Plan for Rejection

Well, now let’s come to the reality check.  We don’t always land the job we apply for. We may be rejected for different reasons such as unmatched education background, lack of required skill and qualification, employer’s assumption for our inconveniency in time management, commute to work and various other reasons.

Here’s a dose of motivation! Sometimes we are also rejected because we are overqualified for the job.

For whatever reasons it maybe, we always need to prepare ourselves to accept our rejection and smoothly move on to next job search after the rejection occurs.

Invest in Networking

Networking is the process of building up a relationship with the quality circle of people who are professionally involved. And this exactly is what most of us fail to do. It’s always healthy to stay in touch with people with experience in the field of our interests, or experts in any field. Simply following up with their activities also helps us to stay updated about the present market.

Hence, job search is a task in itself which requires a consistent effort from job seekers in order to land a perfect job.


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