Howard Delafield International announces vacancy for Photographer/Videographer. Interested candidates can apply for the job. Read the full article below for the job details.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will document testimonials, distinctive moments, nuanced expressions, and genuine reactions elicited during the research, development, and implementation of digital products over the project period. This comprehensive documentation will encompass a variety of still photographs and video footage, meticulously captured during co-design sessions, prototype testing, and other ARH-related activities in the three designated provinces.

The curated collection of visuals will serve as the primary content for a designated web portals, and for various social media platforms. Beyond this primary use, these visual assets will be strategically leveraged in promotional campaigns, presentations, and other engagement strategies to amplify the project’s reach and influence. The objective is to authentically represent the target audience’s engagement, interaction, and candid responses as they interact with digital innovations.

The service engagement period will go for multiple years but on an ad hoc basis, upon request of HDI as and when needed.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • 5+ years of experience in photography/videography.
  • Expert level of understanding in technical skills required for photo/ video editing and knowledge of relevant software.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to package things beautifully and flexibly for multiple and varied uses, for different types of engagement.
  • Experience working in different locations, and under different circumstances.
  • Body of work must demonstrate an understanding of the development sector, but with a creative edge. 
  • Human-interest storytelling style visualisation preferred.
  • Must have expert knowledge in direction, and handling photography/ videography equipment. 


Howard Delafield International, LLP (HDI) is a behavioural insights consultancy, working around the globe and driving innovation to positively impact lives. We have built a direct-to-consumer digital platform for mobile games using discovery and play to empower young people to become active decision-makers in their own lives. We are part of a USAID award for an Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) project led by CARE in Nepal. HDI will create a youth-centric portal with multiple channels to reach adolescents to address agency and self-efficacy for adoption of healthy behaviours and to facilitate adolescents’ reproductive empowerment. We are looking for photographers and videographers who find this opportunity exciting and something they want to be a part of, we welcome qualified applicants to join our highly creative and innovative team.  We are accepting expressions of interest from independent photographers, and videographers, as well as agencies and teams who work in this creative field. 

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Application Deadline: Monday 4th Dec, 2023

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