Choose your personal style for personality


Style is a superior quality of an individual which is an expression of oneself. Style is entirely personal and unique. Style is a quality that one possesses but can never be purchased.

Most of us confuse ourselves with fashion and style. This confusion is the main reason of our inability to own our unique personal style.

This blog will help you get clear understanding of styles and choose which is the one that you rock!

Before you clearly identify your style, there are few questions you need to ask yourself. Such as:

·         Do you value feminity or sophistication?

·         Do you like fresh looking natural, minimal make up or do you opt for bold make up looks?

·         How would you style your hair? Do you love curls, long hair or short bob?

·         What kind of accessories do you prefer? Would you choose heavy looking jewelries, precious stones or minimal and delicate ones?

·         What are the colors that you love? Is it neutral, nude or would you rather play with lots of colors when you dress up?

Over the years, there are mainly 7 categories of style that the women have accepted worldwide.

They are:

       1.       Romantic

       2.       Natural

       3.       Classic Traditional

       4.       Classic elegant

       5.       High Fashion

       6.       Alluring

       7.       Creative

Romantic style is more feminine and lady like style where you prefer floral prints, flowy fabrics and pretty dresses.

Natural is an effortless style where you prefer simple/comfortable wears with less or no make-up.

Classic traditional is the style where you opt for classic looks which is always safe to go and never out of fashion.

High Fashion is the style which are highly preferred by the fashionistas and fashion bloggers where they follow the latest trends and make sure every detail of their outfit is updated.

Alluring is an abstract quality of an individual where one naturally carries an attractiveness with whatever they wear.

Creativity is the style suitable for those who takes fashion as Canvas. They like to put their own touch, mix and match colors and sometimes even do crazy experiments with their outfit.

As we are in a professional space and are talking about the personality development, I have saved Classic Elegant style for the detailed explanation.

Classic Elegant

It is a style which never fails to make you look sassy, yet classy. You choose outfits that are simple and classic, yet glamorous. You prefer fine precious jewelry and choose classic colors such as black, white, red and pink.  A good quality shoes and hand bags are most essential for this style.  This style also requires your outfit to be expertly tailored and perfectly fit to your body. If Classic Elegant is your style, you invest on quality rather than quantity.

I hope the above explanations have helped you get basic understanding of different types of Style and Style in general. And you have identified which Style category you exactly belong to.

Find few style tips below regardless of any style you own.

 Style Tips:

Find time to clean and clear your wardrobe

Manage a suitable time, probably few hours once in a year or half a year to raid your wardrobe. Observe carefully, the pieces you wore the most and those which you didn’t wear at all. Keep aside the ones which you didn’t wear and keep it for donation. Observe the ones which you repeatedly wore and take note of the elements of those pieces which made you wear them frequently. Is it their color, texture, prints, fabric, sleeves or any other design? This works as a great guide to help you identify your style category.

Fill your wardrobe with basics

Fill your wardrobe with basic pieces such as a t-shirt, collar shirt, jeans, denim jacket, leather jacket, classic blazer, leather boot, comfortable shoes, etc. before you start shopping for trendy pieces. Trendy pieces may fade out of fashion in certain interval of time but the basics remain in fashion forever. The best part is, when you are in hurry or in confusion, throw on some basics and you will still rock.

Invest on shades of nude or neutral color

Make sure your wardrobe has colors such as black, white, nude, peach, cream, etc. These colors help you look fresh and sophisticated in a professional environment. Nude shoes, preferably in heels, are the must haves in your closet.

Remember! The color and fabric you choose build up your signature style.

Invest on accessories

Invest on accessories such as scarf, shades, belt, earrings, bracelets, etc. Pick accessories that matches your style and profession. The accessories have the power to surprisingly uplift your looks and make you look more expensive than you’ve actually invested.

Own your style! Tell the same story to people around you through your style with a little update on every season. Your Style should express who you are. Also, make sure that your style should be carefully crafted on the basis of your image and profession. Stay stylish, stay confident!



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