One of the most difficult task is to put all our awesomeness into words and sell ourselves in the job market. Specially, when there are chances of overuse of similar phrase or opinion that lacks an original thought, which is what clichés is.

Hiring managers know almost all the answers before the candidates even answer them. Why? Because they are used to hearing the clichés’ which what is exactly you should avoid.

Assume that interview is our market place and hiring manager is our customer, we need to tell them a lot of things to convince that we have the best product in the market or we have the best qualifications to be the best fit for the job. But let’s face it, we are not the only one trying to convince them. We should demonstrate that we are the best and keep in mind that there are other tough competitors too.

We need to make sure that our selling point is unique and free from clichés every other sales person uses.

Here are clichés that you should never use in an interview:

  1. I’m Hardworking
  2. I’m a Team Player
  3. I’m a Perfectionist
  4. I’m open to anything
  5. I’m perfect for this position
  6. I’ve no weakness

I’m hardworking

Of course! You cannot say that “I’m a lazy bone who wants to come to office just to spend some time around.”

Instead try answering by giving the example of the positive results, changes or growth you brought in your previous work. It highlights that you are a hardworking person without the need to having to say it like usual.

I’m a Team Player

Work is all about team work. You have to become a good team player to work well with the rest of the employees, whether or not you answer it during an interview.

Instead you can specifically explain your previous experiences of building team and leading them. If you are not naturally a good leader, you can give example of how you fulfilled your role and contributed in the betterment of your team.


I’m perfectionist

No job demands a perfectionist except few such as “Editor”. Saying that you’re a perfectionist may sound like a good answer but in reality, it can drag you to other questions such as “Would you keep on checking and rechecking the same work even you are near to deadline?”

Instead you can try saying “I pay attention to details of my work and like to review it before it’s done”.

I’m open to anything

Saying that you’re open to anything makes you desperate which you don’t want. Because it gives a kind of message to your potential employer that you have sent your resume to number of places and probably not a great fit for a job.

Take a stand to your skills and experiences and the requirements of the job. However, you can offer your humbleness by expressing you will always be there for crisis management when the company needs you.

I’m perfect for this position

No! You may not be the perfect fit. You probably cannot say this because you don’t know what exactly is hiring manager looking for.

Instead you can match your skills and experiences with the job description and explain how you can deliver your work as per the position requires.

I’ve no weaknesses

This could be a biggest lie ever. So, saying you don’t possess any weaknesses will only give you a thumb down from hiring managers. Stick to your flaws and explain how you’re working to improve on it.

However, make sure to tell your weakness related to work. Hiring managers don’t care if habit of “oversleeping” is your greatest weakness.

Hence, instead of repeating the same clichés during your interview, prepare an original one based on your previous work experiences and skills. These answers should serve you as a mediator to say the above clichés without having the need to actually say them.


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