How to carry yourself with

confidence better than anyone else

Confidence is the way of presenting oneself through overall personality, body language, communication skills, appearance and so on, in such a way that, when other look at them, they get the message h/she is actually capable of doing something successfully.

Confidence is about overall code of conduct whereas self-confidence is one’s believe on oneself that

“I-can do it”.

While, few people naturally carry confidence with themselves, there are others for whom confidence is the process of constant growth. They build up confidence in them with every experiences and challenges they face. Whereas, there are also a group of people, who is shy, under confident and intimidated by other people or any external forces.

Below are few tips that will help you to find out how to carry yourself with confidence better than anyone else.

  1. Visualize yourself
  2. Acknowledge the good in you
  3. Be your own critic
  4. Set realistic goals
  5. Strengthen your mind
  6. Work on your communication skills
  7. Make individual limitations
  8. Groom yourself
  9. Instant confidence boost

Visualize Yourself:

Visualize the best version of yourself. Think how you would want to see yourself and conduct your acts accordingly. You won’t realize but conducting yourself in accordance to your vision simply boost up the confidence in you.

 Acknowledge the Good in you

A bitter truth! While there are only few people who actually acknowledge the strengths and positive sides of you, there are lots of them who are always upfront with complaints and criticism.

But hey! You know yourself better than anyone else. Identify your strength, always be true to yourself and always head towards the direction where you want to reach with clear intentions. As long as you are aware what you are doing, why you are doing and you are doing for good, it’s okay to not look for anybody else’s approval. Acknowledge your own strengths and be the confident person you can be.

Be your Own Critic

As important as it is to acknowledge your strengths, it is equally important to identify your weaknesses too. Finding your weaknesses and continuously working to improve yourself helps to bring out the best in you. No person is more confident than the one who is equally of aware of both his/her strengths and flaws.

Whenever you do something, question your inner critic and get yourself an honest feedback. If you are not fully satisfied, repeat it until you are. A self-satisfactory work works the best to boost up your confidence.

Set Realistic Goals

Think big but think realistic.  Set yourself an achievable goal. Make sure to achieve it within a specific period of time. Accomplishing self-set targets works as a great motivator and helps you come out as a more confident person.

Strengthen your mind

A confident person always has a strong mind set. They do what they want to do, once they think of doing it.

Be committed to what you’ve decided to do. When you see your thoughts being changed into actions, it boosts up the confident in you.

Work on your communication skills

Communication is the key in today’s world. The world is dominated by the communication skills and networking. An ability to effectively interact with others presents you as a confident person and helps land various projects you are involved in. It’ll at least help you make a great impression for next time if not anything else.

Communication skills include a pleasant smile, eye contact, tone of voice, right choice of words, hand gestures and body language. Practice all of these things while you communicate and see yourself as a more confident person.

Make individual limitation

Set your own boundaries. Build an ability to say “NO” if saying a “YES” can bring you into an inconvenient circumstance.

Stacking up yourself with a lot of XYZ works and getting it incomplete or undone makes you doubt on your own abilities.

Instead, take the projects/ work on a priority basis and stick to the projects what you are assigned for. Focusing on few important assigned projects and accomplishing them helps you boost your self-confidence.

Groom yourself

Self-love is most important to become a confident person. It’s okay to pamper yourself with some personal time on an everyday basis.

Wear nice clothes and shoes. They don’t need to be necessarily high end brand or expensive ones. Right choice of color, fabric and keeping it neat, ironed and polished will do all the wonder. Add up a slight touch of make up to enhance your natural beauty.

Pay attention on personal hygiene rather than becoming a fashionista. A groomed you helps you feel the confident you.

Instant confident boost

While all the above given confidence boosting tips are a development process and might demand a habitual practice to bring out the confident you, here are few tips that’ll help you boost your confident instantly.

If you ever feel nervous and need an instant confident boost, do the following things:

Good posture:

A good posture requires you to stand as tall as you can, put your shoulder blades down and back as possible and keep your chin up and straight ahead. Maintaining a good posture helps you feel dominant over your fear instantly.


Smile is the best way to handle any situation by hiding your inner conflicts. Keep that pleasant smile on your face to make yourself appear more confident person. However, do not force yourself a smile which looks creepy. Keep it natural and confident.

Slow down:

Often times, when we are nervous, we usually talk really fast than we think without realizing. Stop, take few deep breathes and slow down your speed. Talk slower than you actually think is okay.

Don’t worry, you are now on a right pace and are still audible even though you might think you are not. Slowing down will help you instantly boost your confidence in few seconds after you do so.


Hence, no matter how skilled or qualified you are, they might all go in vain if you do not carry yourself with confidence. Practice these tips to be the more confident person than you are.

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