Getting no response for long regarding your job application demoralizes you. Isn’t it? Dropping your resume is not just enough to get a positive response from the recruiters. Ensuring that the recruiters receive is very important. You need to stay proactive all the time and make sure that they receive it. Following up with the recruiter always add up in your chances of getting shortlisted because recruiters can realize your need for the job.

Getting a clear idea about the hiring process is really important. This allows you to plan for jobs other than the one you have applied for. Following up with recruiters is not always the same as every company has a unique hiring process. Consider the following ways to follow up on the status of a job application.

How to Follow Up On the Status

of a Job Application

Do Not Rush

Being a job seeker, you become restless to hear from the recruiter regarding your job application status. You are eager to know whether you are getting in for further rounds or not. But staying calm is the only option. Never rush to call up the recruiter’s company and enquire. Take a little time. Wait for few days before you approach them. It’s true that you might at times get bugged up with the hiring process. But you need to understand that along with your application, recruiters have a lot more applicants’ profile to look into.

Confirm Email Receipt

Sometimes job seekers tend to apply for every vacancy they go through. This is where the chances of error occur. You may at times make mistakes in sending your application to the correct address. You need to first go back and ensure that all your applications have been sent to the right addresses. Once you are sure on this part, you need to call up the hiring company and ask if they have received your application as most of the times your mails tend to go to wrong location at recruiters’ end. Never hesitate to check for these matters. This will make the recruiters aware of the fact that you are a genuine candidate and really need the job.

Send an Email

Sending an email to the hiring manager is always a smart step as a job seeker. You need to be very careful in drafting the follow up email. State a clear subject line and start up with a pleasant greeting. Be polite and very precise about the matter. Highlight your request rather than demand for information. You need to clearly mention the position you have applied for as the recruiter will be dealing with various positions at the same time. Confirm whether you are contacting the right person.

Ensuring all the above areas will definitely help you in tracking your job application status. But do not keep calling and sending email messages again and again. Wait for few days after your first approach. Companies have their own communication policy, so let sufficient time to pass. Be patient and wait for the response.