A tailored resume is the most essential part of any job search process. It is a weapon for job seekers which determines whether or not they can make it to another phase, that is “Interview”.

Many job candidates must have come across this term “Tailored Resume” many times but barely has an idea about what it means and how it is actually done.

Simply put together, if you are an official, would you rather choose a baggy coat with long sleeves and too many of buttons stitched or a tailored suit with just right amount of fabric that fits to your body? Certainly, you will go with the latter option.

Same applies to the hiring managers. When shortlisting a candidate, hiring managers go with the tailored resume with just right information rather than the ones which has a lot and unnecessary information added to it.

Most of the job seekers confuse themselves with long resume as a better resume. It leads them to make a lot of Common Job Application Mistakes. However, Tailored Resume is not about adding the context, but being more focused. Even subtracting the content if necessary.

Below are few tips to help you tailor and perfect your resume for a specific job you are interested in.

  1. Understand the job
  2. Use Keywords
  3. Put the relevant information on the top

Understand the job

First thing first, it is important for the job seekers to find the job of their interest. A job seeker once turned into a job candidate, has to move on to research about the job they are applying for and understand everything about it.

Use Keywords

Nowadays, most of the companies takes aid of technology like resume tracking system in order to track the most relevant resumes. A resume consisting of the relevant keywords is suggested by the tracking system to the hiring managers. That is when the human scanning process comes into action. Hence, your resume also has to be techno friendly in order to get noticed.

A right choice of keywords can be done during the job research process. For example, if you are applying for a managerial position, following could be your keywords:

  1. Good communication skill
  2. Good leadership skill
  • MBA from XYZ University, etc.

Put the relevant information on the top

You might have switched through different organizations and have collected experiences in different field. However, the number of workplaces switched or years of experiences in any field does not really matter to the hiring managers unless its related to their job.

Hence, always give priority to your skills and experiences relevant to the job you are applying for on the top of your resume.

Therefore, make sure to follow these tips on how to tailor your resume when you apply for the job of your interest the next time.




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