Resumes are a blueprint of your qualification and expertise. It is always up to you on how you want to portray yourself in front of any recruiter. The more you focus on highlighting your strengths in terms of the job requirement, the higher are the chances of moving forward in your job search process.

The very first step that connects job seekers to any recruiter is their RESUME. The impression set by a resume plays a very important role. There is no hard and fast rule in writing a resume, as every individual holds a unique set of qualification and experience.

A lot of people unknowingly lose the opportunity of securing an interview because of minor mistakes in their resume. These minor mistakes are the result of ignorance to the basics in resume designing.

Keeping in mind every detail that matters in judging you through your resume is extremely important. Here are few guidelines that might help to make your resume stand out among a large pool of job seekers.

Proper formatting

People usually tend to decorate their resume with unnecessary use of fancy fonts and formatting. They try to make it look attractive with a hope of giving a unique impression to the recruiter. As a result, rather than creating a unique impression, chances of ignorance tend to increase without even having a proper look at it.

Resume should always be simple, readable, short, precise and have a proper categorization of items with proper spacing. You should always try to present your information in such a way that it grabs the recruiter’s attention and keeps the reader engaged. The flow of information should help the reader to make a judgement without any confusion.

Focus on Professionalism

Having a strong academic background and a heavy baggage of skill set is never enough to showcase a professional image. Your resume should look professional from beginning to the end. Job seekers generally mention email addresses that look very fancy. Try to use your own name on the initial part of your email address.

While you write about yourself, use words such as committed, accomplished, etc. Try to relate these words to the job characteristics. Do not use any jargons that gives unprofessional impression to the recruiter.

Avoid Irrelevant Information

Job seekers usually tend to include each and every information about themselves in the resume. They have a mindset that the quantity of information is very important. But it is not the quantity but the quality that matters.

Firstly, the job seekers need to be clear about the job requirement. They need have a look at the vacancy couple of times before they design their resume. Always focus on job relevant information to be included in your resume. Never add any extra piece of information that has no relevance to what the recruiter is looking for.

Highlight your past roles

Recruiters today are more interested in the unique factor an individual holds. Obviously they are concerned about how well you can perform a given task, but they are more concerned on how differently you can accomplish the same task compared to others. Hence, be very careful on how you present your past job roles.

Jobseekers have a habit of mentioning the basic tasks they had to perform during their previous job. They just list out the points that comprise the position details which they were offered at the beginning. In order to convince the recruiter, you need to highlight their major accomplishments that had benefited the company and the team. Avoid stating just the responsibilities.

Don’t forget to recheck

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is failing to RECHECK the information in the resume. They simply go on adding all the information and just send it. This is where the chances of error arise.

One should always make a habit of going through each and every line in the resume. You should always be sure on the use of format, size and spacing everywhere. Further, checking all the dates, spellings, grammar, contact details, references, etc. is very important.

Considering all these, you can write a perfect resume which will help to create a promising image for the recruiter. Once all the above things are looked upon, you are a step ahead to stand out as a strong candidate for the job you apply for.