Which part of job hunting do you find the most challenging? Is it the salary negotiation? There are a lot of people who find it distressing to bargain on their salary part. Due to this hesitation, people usually skip this and accept the job offer.

Since salary offered is an important part in choosing a job, you need to be very clear on your expectations before meeting the recruiter. You need to first conduct a research on the company profile, market trend and tailor your expectation and need accordingly. In order to overcome the awkwardness, you feel during salary negotiation, remember the following 6 things.

6 Things to Remember When Negotiating Your Salary

Know the Company

Before you go for salary negotiation, collect information about the company. Be aware of the company’s portfolio, investments, etc. Search for information on salary range, increments, benefits and overall compensation policies of the company. You can ask for slight information on this during your initial interview as well.

Job Clarity

Before you place an application for any job, be clear on what is expected out of the position. Ask yourself if you have the required skills and abilities the recruiter is looking for. Have a clear understanding on the position so that it becomes easier for you to identify an appropriate salary range for the position.

Decide a Range

Once you are clear on what the job demands and what the market trend is, decide a range in your mind before you go for negotiation. While deciding the range, do not underestimate your skills and be frank to the recruiter. Be prepared in advance on the range you are comfortable with.

Be Aware of Market Trend

Take a moment to gather information on the salary offered by the companies in the industry for the position you have applied for. Contact your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. and find out the market trend. The level of awareness you hold helps you to put forward your expectations in a stronger way.

Support Your Expectation

Identify your skill set. Do not just quote a salary range in front of the recruiter. Have adequate validation to support your demand. Mention your qualification, achievements, strengths and competencies suitable for the position. Stress more on presenting yourself as a strong candidate so that the recruiters cant let you go. Negotiate confidently.

Be Polite

When you interact with the recruiter for salary negotiation, be polite and humble. Don’t be defensive and put forward your opinion with confidence. Show a certain level of flexibility so that it becomes easy for you to negotiate better. Be respectful and pleasantly state your expectation and give the recruiter one more reason to say a “YES”.

Always remember that you have equal power to move the wheel when you negotiate for your salary. It’s all up to you on how well you do your homework and present yourself as a right match for the position.  So, buckle up and start grooming up your salary negotiation skills so that you justify your demand.