Do you go back home with a dissatisfaction of unfulfilled responsibilities or return with stacks of file in your bag? While majority may perceive taking work at home as being a hard worker, in reality, it is nothing but a sign of inefficiency. Additionally, it also affects ones work life balance.

Inefficiency at work occurs mainly because of lack of time management skills, tiny distractions and own personal daily habits.

Below are the few ways to improve efficiency at work to increase one’s productivity:

  1. Prioritize Tasks
  2. Take Short Breaks
  3. One at a time
  4. Eat Right
  5. Communicate Effectively

Prioritize Tasks

Seal the deal of the day by completing the most important tasks first. As you complete the big tasks that consume most of your time and carries a higher weight, breathe, relax and move on to completing other smaller routine tasks.

Take Short Breaks

Working continuously doesn’t necessarily make you “Employee of the Year” but only kills your productivity by making you physically and mentally tired, dull and less functioning.

Instead, take short breaks, preferably every 90 minutes. Take a small office tour, make time to have a short conversation with colleagues, take your favorite cup of coffee or do some body stretching.

Taking short breaks recharges mind and makes you ready to conquer other sets of tasks awaiting.

One at a Time

Multitasking is a myth. It only kills your productivity with your mind thinking about many things at once but not clearly thinking of even one among all.

Instead, focus on one task at a time. It will help your mind clearer and focused.


Eat Right

Eating Right can keep you mentally and physically fresh and energetic. Try to include fruits, dairy products, dry fruits, juice, etc. in your lunch.

Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and do not underestimate the power of coffee to boost up your mood when tired at work.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key for every circumstances, specially at workplace. Feel free to communicate any kind of confusions, dissatisfaction or simply your ideas with your boss and colleagues. Effective communication helps to get the mind clear and headed in the right direction.


Hence, the productivity at workplace can be increased simply by following the above-mentioned rules. Follow them to improve your work efficiency and feel satisfied.

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