Personal branding has now become an essential factor in projecting yourself to the world. This allows you to communicate your expertise in the best possible way. It serves as a mirror to your personality. If you want to stand out in today’s competitive world, branding yourself is something you need to start upon immediately.

You need to take care of how you are being understood by the outside world both offline as well as online. This will give you a clear idea about which all areas you need to work on. Since recruiters today are highly concerned towards your social media profiles, you need to be very careful in deciding appropriate content while creating your brand online.

Once you establish a powerful brand online, you have the freedom to drag recruiters’ attention and judgement the way you desire to. Following are a few tips for creating a powerful brand online so that you can give people ways to value you and your experience.

26 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online


  1. Identify and define your audience.
  2. Be real. Focus on giving faithful image to the viewers.
  3. Follow industry professionals.
  4. Show your presence in groups and associations in your field.
  5. Add adequate keywords to track you.
  6. Participate in online discussions.
  7. Show continuous focus to your audience.
  8. Add an appropriate image of yours.
  9. Startup website and blogs to highlight your presence.
  10. Give a professional look to your social media profiles.
  11. Visit influential personalities’ pages and follow them.
  12. Conduct research on industry trends.
  13. Share news & recent happenings you come across.
  14. Have a look at career pages of the companies you are interested in.
  15. Add attachments to your linked profile (resume, certifications, awards).
  16. Filter your contents time and again.
  17. Focus on building networks.
  18. Put forward queries to highlight your interest.
  19. Give credit to everyone contributing to your career growth.
  20. Add a slogan to your profile.
  21. Share your knowledge and be ready to help others.
  22. Give a proper flow to your social media profiles.
  23. Start learning techniques to track your profile strengths and viewership.
  24. Request for guidance on your profile check from your colleagues to identify flaws if any.
  25. Stay active.
  26. Recheck every detail you add up.

Above tips will help you a lot to effectively present yourself in front of your target audience. However, you should also focus on promoting yourself and your online activities offline via personal contacts. Stay original in creating your brand so that you stand out as a genuine person.