Ability to lead others is the key to succeed in your professional career. In today’s competitive world, it is very crucial to be able to come forward and voice your opinion. You should be able to take initiation and convince others with your ideas while justifying it. This capacity to influence others is definitely the success mantra for everyone.

Showing leadership at work does not limit to assigning and getting work done successfully. Rather, it involves guiding, motivating, being accountable and identifying the best and worst performers and giving constructive feedback for them to perform even better. Being a manager & moving upward in the hierarchy is not enough. One should be able to lift up the entire team and achieve common goals & targets.

In order to display your leadership abilities at workplace you need to consider a lot of things. You need to first explore yourself and then use the best of it to lead your team. Consider the following 5 ways to show leadership at work.

Make Fair Decisions

Making unbiased decisions is very important to stand out as a good leader. As a leader, one should always be fair in either dividing work or rewarding your subordinate’s performance. Moreover, you should always help your team members with equal level of support. The more you display fairness in working with the team, the higher are the chances of building trust in their mind.

Lead by Example

One of the best ways to display your leadership capabilities is to lead by example. Since your subordinates tend to act the way you do, you should be able to portray such a personality that everybody aspire to be. Your subordinates will be motivated toward task accomplishment only when you can interpret the way to do it. So, it is up to you to set a proper example of doing things if you want them to follow your directions.

Effective Communication

Talk less and listen more is the basic rule in becoming a good leader. You should always allow your team members to speak up their problems, ideas and concerns regarding the work. Listening to your subordinates means giving value to their opinion. Unless you clearly communicate your vision, your subordinates won’t be able to visualize the goals. Hence, always focus on effective communication to bring transparency in operation.

Appreciate Your Subordinates

One of the major reasons behind people leaving their jobs is, lack of appreciation at work. You should avoid the habit of taking sole credit for success and blaming your team for failures. You should focus on identifying their contribution and effort, and appreciate them. This way they will feel motivated to work better and achieve targets. So, always remember to give credit according to the tasks performed by them.

Ability to Forecast

You do not always get to operate in a fully planned way. There are a lot of uncertain situations you need to identify and operate accordingly. Since your team rely on you, it is important that you act proactively all the time. In crisis situations, you need to come up with a solution before you team starts to panic. So, a leader should always be able to forecast the future and prepare his/her team to face it without hampering the work flow.

Keeping in mind all the above, will prove your leadership to be a good one and help you to build trust in the minds of your team. Always support your team without any dilemma. Be prompt, confident and fair at your work. All these things together will definitely help you move upward in your professional career.