performance management service

With success of an organization being highly dependent on the performance of the employees, organizations today are much concerned about managing the performance of the employees. Realizing this need of the organizations, People2People has developed a Performance Management Module that can be customized according to the need of individual organizations.

A well-defined Performance Management System which maps organizational goals is one of the major challenges that many organizations face today. At most times, the gap between individual performance targets and overall business goals makes this process mechanical and a mere formality.

Performance Management System is essential to the success of every organization because it influences the efforts expended by its employees, which in turn, drives bottom-line business results. A robust Performance Management System promotes consistent and transparent communication within the organization.

We have extensive experience of creating and fine-tuning PMS which involves:

  • Outlining the organization structure and developing job description for each position.
  • Creating objective performance evaluation process with defined KRAs
  • Linking employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities with the organization’s human capital needs and business objectives.
  • Providing individuals with the tools necessary to focus on short-term and long-term goals that contribute to both career and organizational success.
  • Designing reward & recognition framework integrated with Performance Management System

Why Should You Adopt Performance Management System?

  • Support the organization in developing and sustaining a culture that recognizes and rewards individual contributions and team performance
  • A meaningful Performance Management System will foster an environment for your organization that encourages employees and managers to effectively learn, solve problems, communicate, and hold each other accountable for success.