Guided Thinking Exercise is an approach which encourages us to think on the brighter side and bring out our thoughts into everyday actions. This approach helps us achieve positive way of doing things and long term career goals.

We become what we think. The way we think has a surprising ability to guide all our actions. Believe it or not, while a positive thinking and an attitude of gratitude can make us feel better about life, a simple bad thought in the morning can ruin our entire day.

Positive thinking does not necessarily help us achieve our goals but it definitely makes our way to reach our goals easier as they make our path clear when we start perceiving things in a better way.


Guided Thinking Exercise can be one of the effective approach to practice positive thinking on an everyday basis. So, how do you practice Guided Thinking Exercise?  It is explained below:

  1. Make a list of things that you want to do in your life
  2. Shortlist 10 of your Favorite Activities
  3. List Down Top 5 Goals you want to Achieve in your Job/Career
  4. Spend Time with yourself Everyday

Make a list of things you want to do in your life

Make a list of every little thing you would want to do in your life. The list, also popularly known as “Bucket List”, can be as long as possible. You can include hundreds of things including your career goals in this list and keep yourself up to do these things whenever possible. Also, try to include some crazy things and things that scares you to do to make your life more exciting. Tick mark your list every time you do one.

Shortlist 10 of your favorite things

This list should include any 10 of such activities which you enjoy doing the most. Such activities can be simplest things such as listening to music, playing guitar, travelling, wearing fancy clothes, swimming, taking a walk, fitness motivation etc. to other activities such as act of kindness like helping people in need, feeding birds, etc.

The activities in this list should be done every week, most preferably, every day, to keep yourself refreshed and keep going.

List Down Top 5 Goals you want to Achieve in your Job

Guide Thinking Exercise approach is equally effective for our professional life too. List down any five job goals such as being respected at work, earning money, completing work before deadline, maintain good social relationship, etc. Practice good job habits every day in your job to achieve your desired long term career goals.

Spend time with yourself everyday

Many of us rarely take our time to be alone with ourselves.  We often underestimate the healing power of taking our private times. Staying cozy and comfortable at the end of the hectic day doing nothing, after meeting lots of people and having numbers of work done, re energize us for the better next day.

Sitting alone without doing anything gives you the time to talk to your inner self. It helps you to discover yourself and helps you learn what you really want in your life. Doing absolutely the same thing which you want motivates you to strongly head towards the direction of your dream.

Remember! This one time of your day is only yours and only you are allowed to meet yourself. Only listen to what your heart says.

Your thinking is all that makes difference in your everyday life, career goals and what you become in future. A positive thinking leads you towards that success you always want to achieve. So make sure to always keep your thoughts beautiful.







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