Are you a fresh college graduate looking for a job? Resume writing can be a challenging task if you do not have any experience. You must be feeling that your resume is not productive enough to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Lack of experience is a major problem college graduates face while entering the job market. Freshers struggle a lot in convincing the recruiter. Presenting the college level achievements and extra involvements in the resume in a smart way proves to be useful at times.  Here are a few guidelines on how to write a resume if you have no experience.

Resume Writing for Job

Seekers with No Experience

Mention Educational Achievements

List out all your educational degrees with clear mention of the grades and date of completion. Add up your certifications as well. It is equally important to talk about the awards received during your academic career. Stick to a proper flow while you put in all these information in your resume.

Add Volunteering Experiences

Though you do not hold any professional experience, it is very useful to add up volunteering, participation and internship experiences. Recruiters also look upon your graduation projects and extra activities performed. Hence, do not forget to add these to your resume.

Highlight Your Skills

One of the best way to stand out as a potential candidate, it is very necessary that you mention the skills you hold such as leadership, speaking, marketing, language, computer based or any other. This will help the recruiter to assess you more appropriately.

Talk About Your Passion

Talking about your interests is also a plus point to make your resume look strong. You must be having some sort of passion such as sports, travelling, reading, etc. Mentioning this in your resume is important as the recruiters become aware of the level of determination and commitment you hold regarding any matter.

Besides all the above discussed, you need to clearly mention your career objective at the beginning of your resume. Clearly state your aspirations. Not having experience is never a problem as long as you make an effort to effectively.