We often think that contacting the recruiter regarding our job application status is not an appropriate move. We have a common feeling that this action will create a negative impression, but it is not the case always. There is absolutely no harm in following up after job application. Whether to follow up after every job application or not is something you need to be really careful about. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to make a decision on following up about your job application status.

Should You Follow Up After

Every Job Application?

Stay Connected

Most of the recruiters today have automated systems that sends you a confirmation of the receipt of your application. If you haven’t received confirmation for quite a long, there is no harm in either writing a mail or giving a call to the recruiter. It is wise to confirm whether they have received your application or not.

Highlight Your Interest

Contacting the recruiter helps you to stand out as a genuine candidate in the eyes of the recruiter. Whether you write a mail for job application status or send a thank you note for interview invitation, you will have a benefit of gaining attention from the recruiter. Hence, keep in touch in every possible way.


Always make a habit of appreciating the time and effort of the recruiter. Whether you get selected or not, make an effort to thank and appreciate them. Though this won’t have any immediate effect, it will help you to build a relation and draw a path to network when needed.

Remember following up will exhibit your interest for the job, but too much of it can make your impression as inconsiderate. Following up does not mean that you literally get on their back. Be patient for a considerable time and if you do not get any response, then you contact them and enquire. It is great if you get the opportunity, but nothing to worry about even if you don’t. Buckle up and move out to reach to next possible option. Make sure that you grow your network so that you make the recruiter clear that the door is still open from your side.