Didn’t have plenty of sleep last night? Ended up scrolling through your news feed for more hours than you had planned? Or had that important late night conversation which you could not skip?

There could be many such reasons which might make you feel tired when you wake up the next day. You might get into dilemma that you might not be able to make it to work that day. But, also can’t skip the work day because you don’t have a genuine reason to take a leave.

Well! many of us go through the days as such. However, skipping the work day for this reason is not a good idea. Instead, such days should be handled better.

Here are few things to do when you are tired at work:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Set priorities
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Take a tour
  5. Stay away from distraction

Take a shower

You woke up at your regular time but you feel tired already. Taking a quick shower on morning as such helps to wash tiredness all away from your body and make you feel fresh instantly.

Set priorities

Specially, in the days like so, when you feel like you cannot work as usual, setting priorities is the key. Perform tasks that are most important and skip the task that consumes more time than the result it produces.

Stay Hydrated

As basic as it is, drinking water is equally important. Place a bottle of water to your reach, preferably on your work desk. Take frequent tiny sips of water every now and then to keep up with your energy level.

Take a tour

Sitting all day long in the same place gets monotonous and tiring. Take a short tour to your office, stand near the windows for few minutes to get the fresh air and take few time to socialize with your colleagues. It helps a lot to refresh your mind and body and prepare you to get back to your work.

Stay away from distraction

We do not realize but small things such as using phone, checking messages on social media and replying to e-mails takes more time and energy than we think they do. Staying away from mobile phone or any tiny distractions on such days when we are tired can be a good idea.


We all have such days when we don’t feel like going to work. However, we have to push ourselves and get our responsibilities done. Follow the tips given above to survive the work day when you are tired.


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