An attractive personality is what an individual can own in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd. How well you can get along with people tells a lot about how attractive your personality is. You got to be social with the world full of diversities in order enhance your personality. An appealing personality helps you become the ace player in your career graph.

Below are 3 main things to consider that will help you to improve your social skills for your personality development:

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Non-Verbal Communication
  3. Assertiveness


Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication basically is what and how we speak. Few things such as tone of voice, pace, choice of topics/words, manner of approach, etc. comes under verbal communication.

While we are involved in a conversation, we need make sure of things such as our voice is neither too loud or too soft, we are not speaking too fast or too slow. We also need to be careful about the topic we choose to speak. We can start off by talking about universal things. Digging into personal things is a big “No-No”, especially when we are in a professional space.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication specially reflects through our body language. Things such as eye contact, hand gestures, facial expression, smile and confidence comes under Non-Verbal Communication.

A good eye contact and a pleasing smile should always be maintained in our face while in a conversation. This tells a lot about how confident a person is and helps to bring intensity in a conversation.

Home is the best place to start with the non-verbal communication.  Stand in front of the mirror and practice the things mentioned above to improve your non-verbal communication.



Assertiveness is the clear way of communicating with people. It is an honest expression of one’s need, wants and opinion by also making sure the other person is not offended. It is an ability to speak one’s mind without the fear of judgement.

Assertiveness helps to keep the conversation short, clear and to the point. A clear expression of one’s opinion helps to enhance the personality and makes an individual more appealing.

Hence, it is really important to maintain an attractive personality in order to create a unique image of oneself.  Learning and practicing social skills helps to improve the personality.




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