A cover Letter is one of the best possible ways to demonstrate yourself to any recruiter. Though the resume includes all your career highlights, cover letter allows you to justify yourself as a person. While resumes will list out your achievements, cover letters will give you enough space to justify them.

A cover letter directly contributes in establishing an impression to the recruiter. Applicants are, to some extent, judged on the basis of how they present information in the cover letter. Since cover letter has such a crucial role in getting hired, job seekers should be aware of all the ways to make it a perfect one.

In order to grab recruiter’s attention out of hundreds of application they receive, job seekers should always focus on the following few areas.

Clear Opening

The way you start up your cover letter will determine whether the recruiter will go through or switch to another one. First few sentences will itself speak up on your desire for the job.

State a very clear understanding about the vacancy in the beginning. Job seekers should always focus on tailoring their personality with the company’s values. Try to stay honest and interesting so that the reader stays connected.

Focused Flow

Job seekers should always concentrate on how they place information in the cover letter. Recruiters might get lost in between if you are not able set a flow. The moment the flow is missed out; reader can end up with a wrong decision that leads to your rejection.

Job seekers should never mix up things that creates confusion in reader’s mind. Do not duplicate your resume in the cover letter. Talk in brief about your qualification, achievement and current involvement. Do not elaborate more on this and focus on linking your abilities to company’s culture.

Highlight your Achievements

Recruiters are very interested in finding a match between your achievements and job requirements. They continuously look for something unique in you that can contribute to company’s vision in long run.

Job seekers should conduct an adequate research on the company’s culture and values. You should always highlight your major accomplishments and link it to the recruiter’s need. Rather than talking about all your achievements and making the cover letter long and boring, pick up the most appropriate one and tailor it to the job role.

Convincing Conclusion

The concluding part has a major role in increasing your chances of being invited for the next round. Here, job seekers’ desire to get the job is accessed by the recruiter.

Job seeker should very strongly put forward their expertise and interest towards the job. they need to show that they can prove to be the best possible resource for the recruiter’s company. Present adequate reasons for the recruiter to meet you and discuss the role further. Never forget to appreciate recruiter’s time and effort with a polite Thank You Note at the end.

As a whole, Cover Letter should be more focused in presenting yourself as a person. It should be designed in such a way that the recruiters can’t wait to see you and explore more about you. Try to sound very interesting with choice of limited but useful information to sell yourself. Working on all these areas, you are now all set to reach the recruiter and get hired.