Various researches has shown that almost 85% of the people are unhappy with their job. However, given the fact, rather than just being stuck on “I hate my job “idea, it is necessary find out the reasons why you feel so and the ways to make it better. Afterall, workplace is where we spend almost or more than half our lives.

Here are few things to consider if you are unhappy with your work:

  1. Excel in Your job
  2. Learn New Skills
  3. Don’t Just Quit
  4. Keep it to Yourself
  5. Remember Why you Started
  6. Look for Better Opportunities

Excel in Your Job

One of the main reasons why most of us remain unhappy with the job is because we do not do what love to do. However, acceptance is the key. Now that you are in it, instead of dooming into imagination of what could’ve happened, it is better to concentrate on what should be done. Perform your best and excel on your job. It can give you attention of your seniors, promotion and faster career progress. All of this together can help you keep motivated and eventually like your job.

Learn New Skills

A routine task gets monotonous as we do it every single day. Make yourself some time to learn new skills related to your job to excel on it or skills related to your interests to keep your life interesting. A feeling of satisfaction of achieving or learning something new in personal life can also contribute in job satisfaction to some extent.

Don’t Just Quit

Difficulties at workplace occurs quite often with every one of us. It is an undeniable circumstance. Therefore, instead of just quitting, it is a better idea to find out the reasons behind what is making us unhappy with our work.

Is it lack of good relationship with colleagues, supervisor or boss? Is it the feeling of underpayment? Is it a bad working environment or inflexible time schedule? Or is it simply the wrong career choice? Whatever the reasons maybe, find it out and try talking about it with your supervisors and try to make it work out before simply quitting.

Keep It to Yourself

If you dislike your job or are unhappy with it, surely share it with the close or loved ones. However, do not talk about it with the colleagues as it only spreads negativity in work environment. To make it worse, some of them could even get a spicy hot topic to gossip about and you could be the target. Specially, posting status or comments about how unhappy your work life is a big “No-No”.

Remember Why you Started

If any of the above tips are not working, simply try to remember why you even started. The days when you applied for the job and were following it back to back to get it. There had to be a reason why you chose it.

Its human to forget the value of anything when it is finally achieve what you wanted. Or probably, you might have forgotten the reason why you started as the pressure of the workload increases. Hence, remember the reason why you started.

Look for Better Opportunities

If you think, it is still not working even if you have put all your efforts in, it should be the high time that now you should start exploring for better career opportunities and move on.

However, make sure to maintain your professionalism till the last day at your current workplace and inform at least one month prior before you resign.



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