Work is clearly the most important part of us. It fills a large part of our life. Therefore, it is very crucial for each of us to be happy with whatever work we are involved in. A happy space at work is important for us to have  a perfect balance in our life.

Of course! The best thing we can do is to do what we love in the first place. But let’s admit! Not all of us are lucky enough to do what we love. We happen to follow different career path than we actually desire because of different reasons or circumstances.

However, sometimes we got to focus on “Making the Decision Right” rather than “Taking the Right Decision” as mistake is human and career choice is one of those big decisions where most of us go wrong.

But Hey! Life doesn’t end here. Just a few things should be considered while changing the career. Besides, how we live our life, which obviously includes our work life, is mostly dependent on our perspective towards it.

So, instead of drowning ourselves into frustration of work life pressure about how and why it goes wrong, here are few regular habits to practice to make our work life a whole lot easier and happier.

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Give yourself a Fun Reward
  3. Help a Co-worker
  4. Give your Work Space a Personal Touch
  5. Remember “Why you Started?”
  6. Get an Entertainment Dose
  7. Get the Difficult Work Done First
  8. Other regular habits

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the most popular, yet most ignored idea of all the time. So basic, yet so important. Yes, people! Keeping ourselves hydrated is the best way to keep ourselves energetic throughout the busy work day. It is like giving ourselves a boost with a tiny sip of water whenever we start to feel down.

Grab that bottle of water and recharge yourself every now and then!

Give yourself a Fun Reward

Often times we wait for other to notice and acknowledge the good work we do. But if we are genuine enough and true to ourselves, we don’t really need that approval. Do we?

Go on and track your smallest of achievement, be it a completion of a small task before deadline or completion of an important project at your office you had been part of.

Reward yourself with little but fun deeds, such as drinking a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop or meeting that special someone(wink) you had been postponing the date with because of work load or simply a pat on the back.

Help a Co-worker

There is certain kind of contentedness in being able to help others. We all know this feeling as long as we are not mean (No offense!). Helping a co-worker plays an important role in boosting up our self-confidence and adding a spark on our job satisfaction.

Give your Work Space a Personal Touch

Our work desk is our ecosystem. Create a cozy ecosystem around you by giving your work desk your         personal touch. Which means adding the things on your table that you like such as your favorite mini plant, a chocolate jar, inspiring quotes, creative decoration and a small toy (Yes! If playing around makes you happy, why not?)

Remember “Why you Started?”

No matter how much we try to stay positive and motivated, there are times when we feel down and low. And that’s okay.

However, in the days as such, we need to remind ourselves yet again about the reason why we started to do this job in the first place. There has to be some objectives or purpose to it. After we are reminded of it, we need to get going.

Get an Entertainment Dose

As the day starts to get boring, look for the ways to entertain yourself. Play that favorite playlist you have created, as you work, or create one. You can also put your headphones on and dance all in your mind. Or simply turn to internet and freshen up your mood by having a slight interaction on your social media. Moreover, build up your sense of humor and try cracking jokes and laughing out with your colleagues.

However, take a note that these activities should cover only few minutes of your work schedule and act as an instant mood boost to help you get back to your work.

Get the Difficult Work Done First

It is scientifically proven fact that the first 2 hours is the most productive time of a work day. It can be approximately put as 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. It is the time when you need to get the most difficult, lengthy and the important works done. It is also the best time to attend the important meetings and get your deals done. The rest of the day can be utilized in doing less prioritized such as conducting research, replying to mails, managing chunk of files, etc.

Other Regular habits

Besides the above mentioned ways to find a happier day at work, there are other habits which should be practiced on a regular basis that has a positive impact on our work life too. Such habits include:

  • waking up early to have some positive quality time before heading up to work
  • doing any one activity to spend a quality personal time such as meditation or grabbing the warm cup of tea
  • including fresh fruit or vegetable during lunch hour
  • moving around in the office premises and leaving that chair alone for once in a while
  • socializing with colleagues
  • Smile is the key

It is really important for us to be happy with our work as we spend the most part of our day doing it. So, always love what you do or else find the way to do so. Stay happy and motivated.




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